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What Is Your Dog Thinking?

What goes through your dog’s mind as they go throughout their day? This is another question I received from Instagram and am excited to ask Harvey about. After all, who better to ask than our favorite doggo himself? 

What Does Harvey Think About?

I asked Harvey this important question last night and it went like this.

Harvey, you know the deal. Our followers have yet another very important question to ask you. This week, they want to know what is going through your brain throughout the day? Like what are some of your most common thoughts?

Harvey’s Response

Hmmm well Mom, I think about a lot of things. I am a young pupper though so my thoughts may be different from other older puppers, but I’ll give it my best shot to try to accurately represent what us doggos think about. 

If I Can Fit The Whole Cat In My Mouth

Harvey and Opal

I know I can fit the cat’s whole head in my mouth. However, Mom always yells at me not to eat the cat when I do this so I can never find out if the whole cat could fit in there. It’s strictly for scientific purposes. I know Opal doesn’t care! Why does Mom care so much!

Why I Can’t Pee In The Bathroom

I know for a fact all of them pee in the bathroom. I have witnessed it because I must watch them all at all times. They pee in that round bowl that I sometimes drink out of. 

They ruin a perfectly good watering bowl but if I hop in the tub and pee on the mat hanging off the side of it I get yelled at! At least I’m not peeing in someone’s watering bowl! Andddddd I know water comes out and will wash it away anyway!

Why I Can’t Jump On Everyone

They all get to stand on two legs but the second I jump up on mine it’s “Off Harvey” and I get pushed to the ground! Like what! That’s biased! Just because I need to lean on someone for support to be at everyone else’s height doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to do it! 

When Our Next Walk Will Be

While Mom works, I lay dreaming of running through fields of green. Taking in all those wonderful scents of flowers and dead animals. Such a wonderful mix of aromas. 

I just want to go play in sand and water. Maybe chase a few chipmunks. Just feel the dirt under my paws as we soak up the sunshine on a wonderful walk!

What Are Those Cows Doing?

A big thought that crosses my mind is what are those giant cows doing out there? I lay in the window and watch them eat that hay stuff and try to go through that fence. 

I’ve touched those fences before. It was like a giant snapping turtle bit me in the butt. I 100% don’t recommend touching them and yet those big cows are always getting super close to them!

Sometimes I try to play with them and I will run and back and forth. Those silly cows throw their feet in the air and try to get me with their heads! Why don’t they just play nice for once!

Why Mom Allows The Vacuum To Stay

If I were Mom, I would have booted that vacuum out the door a long time ago. That thing is dangerous! Yet Mom is always holding onto it and trying to get me to get close to it! Like no! That thing could swallow me whole. 

I sit and wonder about when it will come out to strike again. Mom says the vacuum and I will be friends but I don’t foresee that ever happening. 

Why Mom Takes Up So Much Room In the Bed

Mom and I snuggle into our bed at night and Mom has the audacity to tell me to move over. Like no. I’m bigger than you Mom, I deserve most of the space! 

Sometimes I pretend I’m dreaming and use all four paws to swiftly shove Mom off the bed. I know I shouldn’t but I would just like the bed to myself sometimes. Why doesn’t Mom go sleep on the floor?

What That Noise Is That Comes From Behind Me

Sometimes when I’m laying down after eating, this loud drawn-out noise comes from behind me followed by this wonderful aroma that fills the room! 

All the humans gag and yell “Harvey that’s gross!” but I don’t know why they are blaming me! I don’t know where that weird noise came from. I also don’t know why they are upset anyway, it smells wonderful. 

Why That Tail Is Always Following Me

I can see it behind me all the time. Sometimes I swing around really fast and it swings with me! I end up doing speedy circles trying to catch it and get really dizzy so I turn and chase it the other way. 

I have successfully caught it multiple times but it pulls on my butt so I have to let it go. Then it just keeps following me uncaring that I just had it in my chompers! What kind of crazy thing does that!

Why Mom Weighs Me Once A Week

It was cute at first but now she can barely pick me up. All it does is let me know how fat I’m getting! I know she says it’s good I’m gaining three to four pounds a week and growing but it just makes me feel like a fatty. 

Does anyone else’s Mom do this to them or is my mom just obsessed? 

How Much I Love Food

Not going to lie, the majority of the time I’m thinking about food. Those delicious raw egg yolks Mom feeds me like oysters from the shell and ohh the hard boiled yolks, she throws in the air for me to catch! 

Not just eggs though. The tantalizing smell of fresh off the stove-top chicken and pork chops! Oh, I can’t help myself but sit at her feet and hope she drops even the tiniest piece so that I can taste that wonderful smell. 

Even when she’s not cooking and just takes one step into the kitchen I can’t help but hope Mom pulls a carrot out of the fridge to toss me or spills a drop of milk. I know Mom feeds me plenty but wow would I just love it if she were to feed me every second of the day! 

Can’t Forget About Treats!

I love Mom’s food the most, but I do love the basket of treats she keeps up high where I can’t reach. Sometimes I sneak into the back room and try to jump up and help myself to those delicious treats, but it’s a little too high for me.

I know that’s why she puts up the gate to the back room all the time but I still dream of helping myself to all those treats at once! That’s why I like to follow Grandpa there because he never closes the gate heheheheheheh. 

Alas though, I must only dream of tasting all those sweet treats at once instead of in broken up sections throughout the day. I feel I could reach peak happiness if I could just taste them all together.

How Much I Love My Mom

Okay, I’m going to be honest Mom. Food and my love for you are the two most prominent things on my mind. I’m not going to say I think about food more than you or you more than food. It is too close to call. 

However, I think about you all the time. Whenever you walk out of the room I worry you will be walking into danger so I have to immediately follow. Sometimes I imagine a giant vacuum cleaner is around the corner and is going to suck you right up and I won’t even know it if I’m not with you. 

Whenever you leave in the car without me, I think you’re going to forget about me and never come back. I get sad and feel the need to latch on to somebody else in the house in case I need to find a new human to keep me safe. 

Pretty much, I spend my time worrying about you because I know I need to keep you safe. Especially from other doggos. I don’t like sharing my mommy. 

A Dog’s Thoughts

These are what Harvey thinks about most. He said there are of course more thoughts but these seem to be the most prominent. He would also like to note that other doggos probably have different thoughts.

Thus leading us to our next question for you guys! What do your dogs think about? You can tell us here in the comments or message us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram

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