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Does Your Dog Know How Much You Love Them?

Just in the past couple years, scientists have finally reaffirmed what dog owners have known all along, your dog loves you. However, sometimes we need it straight from the experts ourselves. 

Whose a more qualified expert on the topic to ask this important question than Harvey our boy? 

Our friend Fly from Instagram actually gave us this question. So for Fly, we asked Harvey, do dogs know how much we love them? This was his response. 

Do Dogs Know Humans Love Them?

Not gonna lie Mom, this seems like a silly question to me! You know I love you, we already established that last week. So of course I know you love me silly head. 

In fact, I was prepared for this silly question and came up with a list of ways that I know you love me. Now don’t get too emotional about it though Mom, I’m still going to be my naughty self hehe. But here are a few ways doggos like me know their owners love them.

Ehem, it goes like this. 

You Feed Me

There is nothing I love more than food. Especially when you toss me some of your special human food! And ohhhhh boy do I love the endless treatos. 

How could someone who doesn’t love me give me such magnificently tasty things! I mean, of course I wear my heart in my stomach. I think that’s how that saying goes anyway. You get it though. 

Enrichment Time Is My Favorite

Spun towel with treats enrichment

Even though those other humans that live with us sometimes make fun of you for it, I reallllllly do love when you say “its enrichment time Harv!” Oh boy does my tail get waggy then. 

I get bored when you have to work on your stupid computer, so all the enrichment games really keep me happy. Especially the one with the cups! Its like hide and seek with treatos. 

These enrichment games keep me busy for a long time while you work, and they make me happy. You could just leave me to sit bored on my own, but instead you choose to give me something that makes me happy. 

Play Time!

What’s even better than enrichment time? When you finally stop click clacking on that computer and play with me! Especially when we play fetch outside. That is the bestest. 

All the Toys You Give Me

Now I know I’m a bit spoiled. I hate to admit it but I also know that it’s true. You give me loads and loads of toys for me to destroy and play with. Every month I get a BarkBox filled with new toys and treatos for us to play with together! 

Mommy’s that don’t love their doggos would never buy so many awesome toys. 

The Snuggles

I may look big and scary, but we both know I’m a big baby who loves snuggles. 

You always hold my paw and scratch my belly. I especially love when you let me curl up into your neck at night, even though I’m getting a little big for that. All these moment where you allow me to lean on you and simply be close, let me know that you love me too. 

You Make Me Feel Safe

I know, I know, I’m supposed to be protecting you. And I do! But sometimes I get scared and I need my mommy to protect me and you always do. 

Like at night when its dark and spooky out. I swear Mom, there is something scary living in our yard. I really appreciate you walking out with me so that I feel safe to pee. 

However, I do not appreciate that you try to get me to go near that darn vacuum cleaner. I don’t care if you are holding me, I hate that thing. It’s evil Mom. I’m telling you we should both stay far away from it!

The Eye Contact

Many humans don’t realize how important this is to us doggos. We use facial expressions, such as raising our eyebrows, and eye contact to communicate how we feel. The more often you stare into our eyes, the more we know you love us back.

Luckily, my Momma does this often with me. 

Car Rides

Mom, Meagy, and Me in the car

If you have never been on a car ride, lemme tell you, you is missing out. I love car rides with my mom. She cracks the window for me and I get to smell all the wonderful scents of our farm town. 

Not going to lie, most of the time I get sleepy and pass out on one of my toys in the back, but I still appreciate being brought along for the ride!

The Adventures

The best part about car rides; they lead to adventures! I know you say I need to work on my people skills, and you may be right. That just means we have to go on more adventures though!

In fact, Mom just took me to the park for the first time ever the other day and I had sooooo much fun. I scared a little doggo with my big bark, but I promised Mom I’d do better next time, hehe. 

You Call Me Your Angel

Harv being an Angel

I know I’m not an angel, but you always call me one anyway. Your constant praises and positive affirmations let me know that I have your heart. Even when I’ve been bad, you still love me. 

Fly’s Second Question

This leads us into Fly’s other question for Harv which was “are you really understanding our language?” We thought we could slip this answer into this article as well because it kind of goes with dog’s understanding how much we love them. 

Harvey’s Response

I’m a special doggo that is able to talk to you Mom, but most doggos don’t actually understand human language. They understand sounds and associate them with actions. 

So, whenever you tell me to sit and I sit, it’s not because I know your language, just that I know what that sound means. 

However, in case you haven’t seen this yet, there are some dogs that are beginning to be able to communicate more effectively with their humans. 

Bunny the dog is an example of this. Bunny is able to push buttons to communicate with humans. This is beginning to change how humans understand dogs and could revolutionize human and dog relationships. 

How Does This Relate?

How does me understanding you relate to me knowing you love me? Simple. I know what it means when you say “good boy.” I know that all your positive affirmations are good things. This lets me know that you love me. Although I probably don’t understand the exact words “I love you,” I understand that you telling me I’m a good dog means that. 

Dog’s Know We Love Them

Scientists have proven it, and now so has Harv. Your dog knows you love them. This comforting knowledge only increases our bond with our four legged friends. 

If you have any questions you would like Harv to answer, let us know! You can leave a comment or message him on one of his social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). 

If you would like to meet one of Harvey’s good friends, you can follow Fly on Instagram too!

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