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The Art of Being a Good Boy: From Harvey’s Perspective

What does it mean to be a good dog? As dog owners, we often tell our pups they are good boys and girls. What do they think this means though?

To answer this question, we asked our boy Harvey; “what does being a good boy mean to you?” Here is how he answered. 

What It Means To Be A Good Dog From A Dogs Perspective

Hi, my name is Harvey. Some people call me Scoob but I’m not quite sure why. 

My mom asked me recently what it means to be a good boy. I thought about it for a long time and came up with a list of things that I think make’s me a good boy. I’m assuming this applies to good girls too, but I’m not quite sure. 

Guarding My Humans Is Important

Being a good boy means constantly keeping a close eye on my Mommy and her human friends. They are always getting themselves in dangerous situations!

For example, I have to closely watch the water that comes from the tub to ensure no sea monsters escape in to get anybody. I will occasionally taste test the water to make sure it doesn’t taste like a sea monster. They laugh at me but they won’t be when I save them from what I know is definitely living in the pipes!

I also must protect Mommy from every little dog I see because I know they are the most ferocious ones! The big ones, however, mom has to protect me but that still makes me a good boy. Don’t ask me how, but it does. 

The main point of this is that I must always follow Mom wherever she goes. She says this makes me a Velcro dog but that it’s okay as long as I’m okay when she has to go. I hate when she goes but I just play extra with my brother Bussy and I do just fine. Mom says this also makes me a good boy because I don’t have separation anxiety when she leaves, but I don’t really understand what that means.

Being A Helpful Pup

Being a good boy means always helping out the best I can. Those darn humans would be lost without me!

Baby Harv Cuddled on Mommy’s Toes

I always bring Aunt Bridey’s socks down the stairs for her each morning. She’s always leaving them upstairs in the laundry bin! So silly!

With that being said, my Mommy’s feet are always so cold. She is always wearing her socks though, so I lay on her toes. I like it when she scratches my belly with them, so it’s a win-win.

The main part of being helpful is my willingness to always clean up the food scraps. I sit patiently while Mommy eats and tend to her mess afterward. What would she do without me? This house would be filled with excess food and crumbs!

I also never actually drink the last sip of water. Instead, I let it drool out the sides of my mouth to help mommy keep the floor clean. Who needs to mop when you can just drool!

Helping With The Other Animals

Harv and Lucy Watching the Cows

Being a good boy means helping Mommy care for the other animals that live with us. This is something I’m great at!

I always sit guard at the window to keep an eye on those pesky cows outside. Occasionally I’ll give them a growl or two to make sure they know I’m watching. Mom hates when they get out, so I do my best to keep an eye on them.

Sometimes sister Lucy likes to sit guard with me too!

Harv and Buster Playing

Perhaps the most helpful thing I do is untangle brother Bussy. I get to run free but brother Bussy has to be hooked up because Mom says he has an obsession with rabbits. I don’t really know what those are but Bussy goes crazy over them. 

Anyways, Bussy gets stuck on things occasionally and Mom has to go pull the leash to free him. When she asks though, I will go out and pull the leash n lead Bussy to the door. Sometimes I can’t unstuck the leash, but most of the time I succeed!

 I don’t know if this makes me Bussy’s owner because I hold his leash? I’m still not quite sure how that works. But anyways…

Never Harming The Humans

Being a good boy means never causing harm to any of the humans. Although I must admit, sometimes I accidentally step on their toes and they say it hurts. However, I think they are lying because I’m just a tiny pup!

Mommy says it’s important I don’t hurt the little humans. This means sitting still while the little baby taunts me with her toys and giggles. I want so badly to take them but I know I should not, so I just sit there and take it. 

I also never climb up the tug rope and never lunge after it if I lose the battle. Whenever Mommy wins, I always step back. Mommy says this is important to prevent accidents from happening. I don’t care as long as we get to play!

Mommy’s big thing is no growling over treats and food. So being a good boy means letting Mommy play with me while I chew on my bone and eat. 

I wasn’t great at first with this but Mommy said good boys share so now I let her give me kisses while I chew my bone. I also share with brother Bussy my food. I didn’t want to but I guess he’s an okay guy. He doesn’t eat that much anyway so it’s not a big deal.

Always Listening To What I’m Told

Being a good boy means listening to Mommy. This actually gives me more freedom, so I tend to do it. Brother Bussy never listens and he doesn’t get to do half the things I do! Its honestly smart on my part, just saying. 

Harv Enjoying His Off-Leash Life

I always sit and stay when I’m told, even though I mostly do this for the treats. Mom doesn’t need to know that though.

A big advantage of listening is that I get to run around with Mommy without a leash. This is no problem since I love to be near Mom. Whenever we walk through the fields and stuff I’ve never had to have a leash because I don’t like leaving Mom’s side anyway! 

I also always come when she calls. Not so much when the other humans that live with us call me, but Mommy says as long as I always come to her I’m still considered a good boy.

Always Showing Mommy Love

Being a good boy means always letting Mommy know I love her. I guess if you have a Daddy, you should let them know too. I just have Mommy and Meagy though!

A big part of this is giving Mommy kisses at all points of the day to remind her I love her. Also to taste that yummy lotion and salt, but that’s just a bonus. 

Harv holding Mommy’s hand

I always let Mommy hold my paw when she needs to. I don’t really understand why but sometimes she likes to just grab my paw so I let her. We stay like that forever it feels like but I know it makes mommy happy so I do it.

In the mornings, I always lay flat out across Mom to keep her warm. I know she secretly doesn’t want to get up, so technically I’m helping. 

A big part of showing Mommy love is keeping Meagy company. Whenever Mommy gets up I always rush over to cuddle in. Someones gotta keep track of Meagy for Mom. Might as well be me!

What It Truly Means To Be A Good Boy

Harv and Mom Waiting on Meagy

Being a good boy means always being there for my Mommy, especially when she wants to take a selfie. It means never harming the little humans even when they are a little rough.

 It means doing big yawns and great stretchies. It means letting Mommy pet my head even though I don’t really like it.

 At least, this is what I think being a good boy means since Mom always tells me I am one after I do all these things.


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