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Meet Harvey: New Puppy In The House

I have been on the quest for a puppy for quite some time now. My beloved chocolate lab died last winter from cancer (miss you Mudge Man), and ever since I have been on the search for a new one. Many failed attempts and two year wait lists left me feeling hopeless. Then I met Harvey.

I had my heart set on a chocolate lab, but this little mutt stole my heart right off the bat. The most impulsive purchase I have made to this day was this little boy. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way though.

The first day I brought him home, I knew he was perfect for me. The way he curled up in my arms and sat at my feet had me falling in love. Here’s how it’s been going since.

House Training A Puppy

Potty training your puppy is the first quest you must endure on your journey of raising a puppy. Sometimes it can feel hopeless, but alas we must hang in there.

The first day wasn’t bad at all. I took him out consistently and the little guy only had three accidents. The second day he had zero. Wow. I thought I had accomplished the whole “house train a puppy in five days” thing. I was very very wrong.

Ever since that second day, he continues to struggle with going to the bathroom outside. We figured out that when any other dogs or cats are outside with him, he gets to distracted and won’t go. Then will come in the house and immediately “piddle on the floor” as my brother would say.

To help him with this, I try to keep him on a leash at all times outside to keep him on track. I live in the middle of no where on a farm, so I typically let my puppies run around free with me without much fear. So until he goes to the bathroom, he isn’t allowed to run around and play with the other animals. This has been working well for me.

Harvey still has accidents from time to time as all young dogs do, but everyday he is getting better! Every time he poddies outside I congratulate him and play for a bit. Positive reinforcement in the form of playing can work wonders sometimes.

Can Puppies Sleep Through The Night?

Harvey is a great example of getting a puppy to sleep through the night. For new dog owners, it often feels impossible to get your puppy to make it till morning without having an accident or wining to play.

I take his water away at 7 pm. I go to bed around 9:30 (Ik Ik super early but you gotta do what you gotta do) so this offers him enough time to have the water go through his system before bed time so that he doesn’t have to pee at 3 am.

I feed him three meals throughout the day that add up to the recommended amount. My 8 pound puppy eats 1/3 a cup of dog food in each meal. We get up at 5 am, so he has breakfast, then lunch around 11 am, and dinner around 3:30 pm.

Harvey makes it to 5 am most mornings without waking up. However he is just a puppy, so on occasion he does still have to pee around 3am but that is not often.

Harvey and I understand your sleep schedule probably doesn’t match ours, as we definitely take naps during the day, but finding a schedule that works for you and your beloved pet can be accomplished so that you both get a good nights rest.

Puppy Tricks

Harv is only seven and a half weeks old, so he has lots of time to continue to learn. He already knows what a treat is though! Grab that bad and he sits right down without even having to give the command.

If you give the command without the treats he still sits too. In this case, I tell him how good of a boy he is and give him lots of pets. Its important to continue to reward him after he does anything right, even if its just with a “good boy.”

Harvey My Boy

Harvey already goes by many names. Harvey, Harvan, Harvard, Harv, Harvey Harv Harv, etc. It didn’t take him long to steal to my heart. Just look at this little man! Feel free to follow his insta (@Harveyourboy).

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