Living More Sustainably: 5 Sustainable Toiletries

Have you ever considered how much plastic you use in your everyday morning and nightly routine? Living an Eco-conscious lifestyle means taking a look at all aspects of your life; including in the bathroom. Take a look at these 5 sustainable living products and see how you can make the switch to a more Eco-friendly lifestyle.

Refillable Shampoo/Shampoo bars

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Stop and think about how many shampoo and conditioner bottles you have gone through in a lifetime. About 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles are thrown away every year. To stop contributing to this number, consider switching to shampoo bars. Opt for one that doesn’t come in a plastic container (since minimizing our plastic use is the whole point of using the shampoo bar).

Using a bar to wash your hair may be an awkward switch for some people. In that case, consider purchasing reusable shampoos and conditioners. These products come in a metal or glass bottle that can be refilled by going to a store with a refill station, or by use of a refill pouch. Pouches are made BPA-free and with 93% plastic than a plastic bottle. Companies like “The Good Fill,” will have you empty the pouch into your refill container and send it back in the mail for them to clean and refill for the next customer. Making these products have zero-waste packaging.

Look here for different types of sustainable shampoo and conditioner options.

Sustainable Razors

2 billion razors are thrown away each year. Switching to a sustainable razor can seem scary at first due to the learning curve of these types of razors, but there are many options for you to choose from.

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Bamboo Razors are made of bamboo instead of plastic. They have replaceable stainless steel blades that are recyclable. Bambaw razor is a good option that not only looks cool but lasts a lifetime.

Stainless steel razors have high quality and durability. They tend to be more expensive than bamboo razors, but often have higher precision based on the brand. The Merkur Long Handle Safety Razor is a good option for women due to its lightweight and easy to control design. It may take some time getting used to it at first.

Image from beeco

If you are just starting your sustainable razor journey, you should look into the Merkur 34C Safety Razor. With an easy to use sleek design, it is a good place to start.

Look here for more options of sustainable razors to find the perfect fit for you.

Biodegradable Hairbrush & Hair Ties

It is recommended that you change your hairbrush every six months. Not everyone follows this rule of thumb, but the number of hairbrushes being thrown out do add up. Traditional hairbrushes use plastic that takes hundreds of years to decompose. Switching to a biodegradable hairbrush is easy.

Image from DHGate

Wooden hairbrushes without plastic bristles, such as the ones from Life Without Plastic, use sustainably harvested maple wood in a natural rubber base to form the bristles. Zero plastic is used in packaging or creation of the product. Look here for wooden hairbrush options.

Bamboo hairbrushes with bamboo bristles do not produce any static and are made of 100% biodegradable materials. They last for a long time and are gentle on your scalp. These brushes are also proven to distribute your natural oils throughout your hair more evenly to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. Look here for the best bamboo hair brushes.

Now think about how many hair ties you have lost and/or thrown away. Traditional hair ties are made from synthetic material that is not recyclable and they come in plastic packaging. Biodegradable hair ties are made of organic cotton and natural rubber, so it’s okay if you lose them! These hair ties also last longer than traditional ones, but take a significantly less time to break down. Look here for zero waste hair tie options.

Zero-Waste Toothpaste

Bamboo tooth brushes reduce your plastic use but what about their best mate, toothpaste? 20 billion toothpaste tubes are made a year and end up in our landfills. Considering green packaging for your toothpaste can help mitigate this problem.

Aluminum tubes, like the ones used by Davids, are 100% recyclable and come with a metal key so that you get every last drop. Each tube is lined with a food grade non BPA-cover so that leakage from the aluminum tube is no concern.

Image from Davids
Image from BattleGreenBox

Tooth powder comes in glass jars and have compostable refill packages. Simply wet your toothbrush and dip it in or use a bamboo stick to scoop some out and place on your damp toothbrush. Look here for tooth powder in glass jar options.

Toothpaste tablets also come in glass jars but you can find them in fully compostable bags made from corn starch. Simply place one in your mouth and chew it up before beginning to brush with a damp toothbrush. These are especially nice for when you are on the go or camping.

Look here for various sustainable toothpaste options.

Sustainable Deodorant

Finding a deodorant that works is difficult. Finding one that works in an eco-friendly packaging can feel impossible. No, you don’t have to purchase all natural and vegan deodorants that take time for your body to adjust to in order to be more sustainable with your deodorant choices. These options are better for the environment and if you are interested, look here for the best options. If you want to keep using more mainstream deodorants, look at these companies that are trying to make a step towards sustainable living.

Aerosol deodorant applicants are a step in the right direction. They are 60% tin plated steel and 40% aluminum which are both recyclable components. However, there are still some plastic components in the valve and dip tube. This is a considerably less amount of plastic than used in a normal deodorant packaging though. Here’s a list of some of the best spray deodorants in 2020.

P&G launched an all paper tube edition of Old Spice and Secret deodorants in the U.S. containing invisible solid aluminum-free deodorant. If this packaging works well, they will start switching over all their deodorant products to all-paper packaging. So do your part to help the environment and let these big companies know that you like sustainable packaging.

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